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Anise & Basil


At Anise & Basil, we use the best of nature’s abundance to create beautiful, hand crafted body soaps.  Our natural soaps are freshly made of 100% vegetable oils, essential oils, fragrances and other botanicals (plant materials).  Our soaps are deep cleansing yet gentle to the skin and contain approximately 1/3 glycerin.  Remember, the benefits of our natural soaps are best when used fresh.  Avoid storing them indefinitely as display objects in your bathroom!

        We use food grade, 100% vegetable oils.  (Our base oils include olive, palm, coconut and castor.)


        Natural essential oils and fragrance oils are added, resulting in natural soaps that cater to your body and mind.  We are clearly not making any medical claims; however, the properties of essential oils have been known to benefit both body and mind.


o       Essential oils used may include lavender, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, mint, cinnamon, sweet-orange, ginger, clove, bergamot, patchouli, ylang-ylang. There are many others depending on each individual product.

o       Fragrance oils used such as rose, neroli, jasmine, lilly-of-the-valley, strawberry, mango, chocolate, honey and many others.  Please see the ingredients as noted on each product.


  • Botanicals are added for their unique content, color, fragrance and exfoliating texture.  Please see the ingredients as noted on each product.  Below are examples:


    • Garden herbs such as mint, sage, lemon verbena, thyme.
    • Flower blossoms of rose, chamomile, lavender or others.
    • Spices such as cinnamon, clove, star anise, ginger, orange peel, may be crushed and used.
    • Dried oatmeal, freshly grated carrots and fresh aloe vera pulp.


        No artificial color or preservatives added.


    • Our focus is on creating fresh quality soap.  The color of our soap results from the natural ingredients.  You will rarely find brightly colored soaps in our inventory.  We hope you agree that creating soaps to coordinate with the bathroom walls should never be our primary focus.


        Our soaps contain approximately 1/3 glycerine.


o       The natural hand crafting process we use produces approximately 1/3 glycerine.  This glycerine results in a silky feeling to the skin. 


        No animal testing.


o       Products are not tested on animals.



Anise & basil’s approach results in authentic hand crafted, natural, opaque glycerin soaps that are kind and gentle to your skin and soothing to your senses.  Our soaps are longer lasting when stored in a dry dish.  They are made fresh with no added artificial preservatives or colors.  Be sure to make every bath a truly wonderful experience by using our soaps.  YOU DESERVE IT!


A Word of Caution:  Although no harsh chemicals are used, some individuals may be sensitive to certain natural products.  Please test by using a small amount of product inside elbow.  Discontinue use if allergic reaction takes place.

Here is our variety:

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